ZAOR distribution in North America and Mexico

We as ZAOR Studio Furniture are proud to announce a distribution agreement with Audio Plus Services, known for their excellent work with Focal Studio Monitors, IsoAcoustics and SPL amongst others.

We have known extraordinary success in EUROPE, where it established itself as the number one go-to brand for studio furniture solutions as proven by recent deals with Abbey Road Institutes worldwide, Steven Slate, Steinberg, Universal Audio, MOTU and a large number of top pro audio dealers across Europe. Covering both the project studio market and the pro segment, Zaor offers a unique choice of materials and models including desks, consoles, racks, stands and in-store displays with materials ranging from MDF to solid wood, all hand built, painted and polished. Every piece is assembled and checked at the factory to make sure it is complete and without any defects.

“We created a line of intelligent furniture that not only comfortably houses equipment, but makes it sound better, enhancing both the aesthetics and listening experience,” explains ZAOR Studio Furniture CEO Klaus Gehlhaar. “We would like to bring this choice and great value to customers across North America. Finding the right partner has been a challenge but after meeting the crew at Audio Plus Services and seeing the way they put Focal on the map, we felt that this would be a great partner and we’re happy to go forward and build our presence in the market with their help.”

Says Audio Plus Pro Audio sales manager Simon Cote: “Zaor Studio Furniture is a great fit and complements our current line-up perfectly! Its ability to cover both the home and professional studio markets, as well as producing custom-built furniture, makes them the ideal partner for today’s fast evolving pro audio market. We’re looking forward to equipping studios with Zaor for years to come!”

With the first order in production and being shipped out during the month of December, Audio Plus Services is ready to take orders for early January, and with their vast warehouse and farreaching logistics, they will make sure that the regular product range of ZAOR is available without any delays and at fixed costs: no extra shipping charges will be added to the order, across all of the United States and Canada.

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