ZAOR ISOSTAND: Now anything we said about the Stand Monitor is even more true about this beauty: It features the finest design and finish ZAOR could come up with for this top of the line speaker stand. The quality of build is exceptional, the paint job is worthy of a racing car, applied in several layers and baked at high temperatures to obtain its unqiue shine and resistance. The double mounting on spikes resting on metal plates, themselves resting upon a layer of AERstop is a unique design and provides stability and acoustic isolation beyond compare. The speaker itself rests upon a plate of special hardened glass that will neither bend nor break. Like its smaller brother, this speaker stand is adjustable in height and can thus perfectly match the situation in your listening environment, whether it is a living room, home cinema or a recording studio.



- Height: 860 – 1240 mm (min to max)
- Top: 350 x 350 or 400 x 400 (in mm)
- Bottom: 350 x 400 or 400 x 450 (in mm)
- Adjustable in height
- Twofoldly decoupled
- up to 45kg




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