Professional workstation for many different applications. Audio and video editing, composing, electro or house producers, DJs who use some analogue equipment will find a perfect environment that has space for all of their gear. TERRA will enable you to place up to 36 rack units (standardly 16, plus another 20 by request) worth of outboard combined with a mixer or DAW-controller or even a full masterkeyboard in the center.

The width is a standard 120 cm for the center section but can be adjusted for your specific needs, so if you just need to place a small controller like the Lemur or the Euphonix or an analogue desk such as the SSL X-desk that has standard 19 inch width, you can reduce the overall size of your workstation to take up no more space than really needed.

In the center section you have a choice of either a full, solid wood bridge at the back or just to short panels that can carry an extra pair of nearfields or similar.

The Terra model is made from high grade birch plywood and the visible wood is all solid oak or ash wood tinted to your liking. The exposed parts of this music studio furniture have a special treatment to protect against scratching and excessive wear and tear, making sure that you can enjoy the esthetics of your workstation for a long time.

Should you have any special requirements or needs, your wish is practically our command: we can customize all of our designs within the limits of physical feasability.



- Height: 1065 mm
- Depth: 990 mm
- Width: 1800 – 2600 mm
- Up to 36 Rack units
- Solid wood (oak or ash) + birch plywood
- Integrated cable canal