When SSL puts out a new product that redefines the concept of hybrid work in the recording studio, allowing you to combine DAW control in an efficient way with the best of analogue summing and vintage gear integration through its innovative insert Matrix, then as a manufacturer of studio furniture you encounter a challenge: meeting the quality and ergonomic standards of that product with a specific solution, adapted to the way producers and end users will actually work with the Matrix. So we listened to people who bought one, found out that you need to plug in loads of nice 19″ gear, you want an acoustically sound piece that does not eat up half of your real estate in the studio but still offers a full solution for all the cables, processors, screens and more… We created the Matrix by Zaor for the Matrix by SSL. Simple as that!

The back trap can be opened to access cabling, but will actually hide all those sub-D cables. There are rack spaces on top for your favourite vintage tube compressors, EQs and MicPres and below for the less used power conditioners, converters and similar. The sides are made of massive oak or ash, built for eternity and of course they can be tinted in the colour of your choice.



- Height: 1059 mm
- Depth: 990 mm
- Width: 3000 – 3600 mm
- 2 x 8 Rack units
- Solid wood (oak or ash) + birch plywood