ZAOR Felix – Compact and versatile console which can be configured with one or two 19 inch bays with 8 Rack Units each. The structure is similar to the Geoline, with a different shape and build. The central bay for the mixer can be adjusted to your needs. In the bottom center is a slide that can accomodate a desktop computer. In the back there are latching doors with quik fastening locks for easy acces to wiring and all connectors.

The decorative panels above the patchbay and below the armrest plus the bridge are made of solid oak or ash wood. The structure is composed of three metal feet, pre coated and high grade birch plywood, the surface around the 19 inch bay is made of grey D-bond, a light composite material.



- Height: 1064 mm
- Depth: 1230 mm
- Width: 1582 or 2373 mm
- 1 x 8 or 2 x 8 Rack units
- Solid wood (oak or ash) + birch plywood + D-Bond