ZAOR ARIA – Professional workstation that has plenty of room for your master keyboard and or controller in the center section plus up to 36 rack units to put your outboard, such as converters, expanders, analogue compressors, mic preamplifiers and equalisers. The standard width is 120 cm at the front of the center section, so large enough for even a big master keyboard, but can be made to order with a smaller footprint, if your room does not allow the overall size of 3 meters and 50 centimeters.

In the center section you have choice of either two short panels to support some nearfield speakers or a complete bridge, made of solid wood and able to carry 3 or even 4 screens. The angled positions of the side racks provides a very ergonomic enviroment for your audio or video productions. The sister product Terra has similar features but with straight side racks, so it will use up less space. Both feature 8 rack spaces on either side on top, plus if requested another 10 rack spaces at the bottom each side.



- Height: 1065 mm
- Depth: 990 mm
- Width: 2600 – 3500 mm
- Up to 36 rack units
- Solid wood (ash or oak) + birch plywood