Zaor ARCO, was developped to accomodate controllers such as Avid C24, D-Control or D-Command, Mackie, SSL or smaller analogue desks. It rests upon 3 prepainted metal feet and has a birch plywood structure treated with a special surface protection. The outer massive wood panels are tinted in either from oak (oak, black) or ash (cherry, walnut, mahogany, ash). The surface around the 19 inch bays is made of a light composite material called D-bond and aluminum profiles are used as well as Aerstop rubber foam to reduce vibrations. Vital parts of the console have internal communication paths, to facilitate the wiring of your mixer, converters, audio interface, computer and outboard. There are a total of 16 rack units to accommodate your outboard that needs to be at hand. Once set up, operating your mixer and outboard is very ergonomic.



- Height: 1059 mm
- Depth: 990 mm
- Width: 3000 – 3600 mm
- 2 x 8 Rack units
- Solid wood (ash or oak) + birch plywood