Big U, Germany

Big U, Germany

This rather elegant project we are particularly fond of. We went over the design with the customer a felt 100 times, but it was worth the effort…

It was realized in the year 2011. As a basis we took our workstation ARCO. to hold its core, the SSL Matrix. On both sides we’ve added some extensions to get even more rackspace. On the very left side, it was extended with a composing work environment. Like every of our customized furniture, this workstation was planned to improve the personalized workflow of its owner to its best.

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  1. Craig Lees says:

    Hi, I have an SSL Matrix & I’m interested in the 3 Main elements.
    (With the Matrix & the rack-space either side)
    Could you please give me a quote for these elements.

    Thanks in advance

    Craig Lees Berlin

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